Wardrobe: Have what you need

In a modern living with everything available on demand, what we have to do is to sort out what we need, to make sure we don’t own everything we don’t need.

A story came from this full wardrobe of mine, approx. 2 years ago, when i totally excited discovering my fashion taste in Berlin after arriving. It’s like I want to have every color existed. What’s tickle my mind first was, when I woke up and realize, every time I want to go out i keep staring trying to choose from all clothes I have. I came to waste my time on this everyday routines. Oh! And just how many were unfortunate having no clean clothes for their day to start, I’m here ‘wasting’.

Then I started my adventure on this journey.

I found an interesting video from tedtalks: 10 item Wardrobe, her meeting with madame chic from the chic family with a small wardrobe and looked fabulous. The basic idea is to filled our wardrobe with our styles and wear it often over again. She call it the ten-item-wardrobe. But don’t worry, you wont have only 10 items of your clothes.

I really like the idea and went to try it myself. After disposing 50-70% of my clothes, I still can’t believe to still maintain the habit until 2 years. The feeling to get up and easily get ready, and not tempted by the discount banner. Make me feel grateful for what I already have.

Maybe some people will think its such a waste to put so much thoughts for just dressing up. But this is our daily life, and effect our routines. Dressing up couldn’t get easier.

And then I found this post that explain the steps to do it.
So, the first thing to do is to take all your clothes out, ans ask yourself these five question for every piece of your clothes:

  1. Does this fit me?
  2. Is this age-appropriate?
  3. Is this my true style?
  4. Do I love this?
  5. Do I wear this?

With the clothes you have left, build some outfits with basics and so on. I also have some best clothes for special occasion. For those living in 4 season country, store pieces you don’t need for the current season.

For the other clothes, my best advice is to donate to people that need it more, or maybe friends that will be more grateful to have your piece. It will be a good thing both for you and surroundings!

Last but not least, hope you’ll be more grateful for what you have, and be less tempted by the discount!


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